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Faux Mink

Faux Mink lash extensions are made of a synthetic material and are consistent in shape and curl. Giving you the darkest and most mascaraed look out of all our materials.

Flat Faux Mink

Flat Faux Mink lash extensions are also made of a synthetic material. However they are flat at the base. This allows the extension to sit more securely on your natural lash and weigh less. As well this material is the perfect in between of our Classic Faux Mink and Siberian Mink lash. It has the darkness of the Classic Faux but is super soft to the touch like the Siberian!

Siberian Mink

This is our premium material, Siberian Mink lashes are 100% real hair. Giving you the most natural, fluffy and luxurious outcome of all materials. They look, feel and mimic real eyelashes while still giving you a noticeably darker lash line.

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Full Set - $99

Half Set - $59

Fill - $59

Mini Fill - $40


Flat Faux mink

Full Set - $129

Half Set - $79

Fill - $69

Mini Fill - $45


siberian mink

Full Set - $149

Half Set - $99

Fill - $79

Mini Fill - $50



Additional lash services that suit your needs!


Bottom Lash Extension - $40

2D Russian Volume - $50 additional

3D Russian Volume - $80 additional

6D Russian Volume - $150 additional

Eyelash Removal - $20 & up

External Lash Fills - $10 additional -please see policies page

Lash Tint - $20



When you have trimmed beautiful brows paired with amazing lashes, it frames your eyes perfectly giving any pretty face a effortless polished look!


Brow Shape & Wax - $15

Brow Tint - $15

Upper Lip Waxing - $10

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Choose your Style and Fullness

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Get a better idea of what style, shape and service you would like. Always keep in mind these styles will look different on everyone depending on your natural eye shape and lash line. Your Technician will consult with you on the day of your appointment of what will suit you best!